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Fire Element in Chinese Medicine - Summer in Melbourne, Australia

The 5 elements theory in Chinese Medicine is based on the observation of nature. To live a healthy and balanced life, it is essential to live in sync with the nature, following the rules of 5 elements theory. You may "Google" or search for "5 elements theory in Chinese Medicine" to find more information about this ingenious principle. This is article will be focus on how to survive summer in Melbourne, according to the fire element.

Summer in Melbourne, Australia is unlike any other summer seasons in other countries. Just like the mind of a woman, it is unpredictable. We have had rainy, cold days that goes between 10-15 degree Celsius and windy, humid days that goes between 17 -28 degree Celsius.

Fire is hot and warm, just like the summer season. This element is related with the Heart, Pericardium and Small Intestines organs. When the Fire element is balanced, there would be joy in the heart, clear minds and high spirits. Without enough Fire in these organs, we would be tired, anxious, agitated and possibly have trouble sleeping. Alternately, with excess Fire in the body, we can suffer from profuse sweating, extreme thirst, dry mouth, constipation and heart palpitations.

Being in a hot, windy and humid day in Melbourne, what should you do to ensure the Heart, Pericardium and Small Intestines are looked after?

  1. Always carry a jacket with you. Wind heat or wind cold may be avoidable when you are always prepared for the change of weather.

  2. Hydration! Hydration! Hydration! Always sip on ROOM TEMPERATURE water when you feel thirsty. Remember it is not good to over drink water.

  3. If you don't like water, try putting fruits like watermelon, strawberries or cucumber in your drink bottle. Flavoured tea bags are also good options.

  4. Fruits are your best friend when it comes to alleviating thirst and poor appetite.

  5. If you've seen me in the clinic and I have given you the salad talk, you'll know Summer is the BEST TIME to have your salads.

  6. Avoid food that are going to cause lots of 'heat' in the body. These include coffee, chilli, alcohol, deep friend food, chocolate and sweets.

  7. Play and enjoy life! This is the best time to enjoy your time with activities that sparks joy for you.

  8. Schedule your outdoor activities at times that are not too hot!

  9. Talk to your inner child in your heart, tell your inner child how much you love him or her

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