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Go away Hay Fever!

As the weather warms up and the Spring wind of Melbourne blows right onto your face, you don't feel like Pocahontas- standing on the edge of a cliff, singing your heart out.

All you have is frustration. Your eyes have turned red, itchy and watery, you can't stop sneezing, your nose runs and you sneeze none stop. Everyone arounds thinks that you have COVID-19. #gettested #becauseyoudontknow #covidtimes

You reach for your antihistamine but it only last for 4 hours and you still feel like rubbish. That sucks. I know.

Hay Fever in Chinese Medicine

Hay Fever is seen as an invasion of 'Wind' into the Lungs. Wind is one of the six external factors of disease. It "attacks" the body by penetrating the skin and the pores, creating a chaotic movement to the flow of your Lung Qi (energy), causing you to sneeze and have blocked nose.

In Chinese Medicine, a deficiency in the Kidneys (energetically) and Du Mai (the channel that runs along your spine) is the root cause of Hay Fever. Du Mai is known to have a strong affinity with the Kidneys and the nose. Therefore, when the Wind invades the body, sneezing occurs as the Kidneys are not able to 'grasp' the Qi down.

Also, deficiency in the Lungs (energetically) means that one's immune system (Wei Qi) is impaired. Wei Qi that is weaken means that one is more susceptible to the attack of Wind from the external.

Someone who is iron deficient or Blood Xu in Chinese Medicine may also be more vulnerable as the Wind attacks the body because their immune system has been compromised.

What can you do to avoid Hay Fever?

There are things you can do at home to reduce the symptoms of Hay Fever.

  • Breathing exercise such as pranayama and meditation can strengthen the Lungs

  • Swimming to build lung capacity and breath endurance

  • Qi Gong or Tai Chi to cultivate Qi

  • Have sufficient sleep and rest to ensure a strong immune system

  • Sustain and manage healthy and happy mind

  • Healthy and balanced diet

  • Avoid coffee and alcohol

Key Points to remember Lungs, Kidneys and Blood!

Give these suggestions a try and if all fails, talk to your Chinese Medicine doctor or an acupuncturist. We have some tricks up our sleeves that can help you feel better.

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