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Healthy Food habits- All thanks to my wonderful mother

I have a great mum! She is just wonderful 💕

Every time someone asks me about my mum, this is how it goes…

Mum was a full time teacher and a mother of 3.

Every morning, she would wake up before anyone else does in the family to make us hot breakfast and lunch.

“Big deal!”, you say. “Everyone who was lucky enough has a mum like that!”

BUT! No! Sorry!

my mum is better than yours 😉

At 6am in the morning (sometimes 5am), she would be making us hot meals like a stirred fried noodles, noodle soups, Nasi Lemak, chicken rice, porridge, curry chicken jaffles, vegetarian baos and etc. That was our lunch box.

Our lunch boxes were so good that sometimes I would end up bringing extra meals with me to share with my classmates.

Yes, she fed my friends too.

Then, she would dropped us to school and went on to her teaching job at the primary school.

When she came back from work, she’d be making us our typical Asian dinner with 3/4 hot dishes with rice and sometimes soups.

She is just a great cook with great time management skills.

We are so lucky that she looked after our health through providing good, healthy meals when we were growing up.

As a practitioner, I can see now that mum has done a great job in looking after our diet.

I believe this is one of the biggest reason why no one in the family has had any serious health issues, especially when it comes to digestive problems.

Lessons I learnt through mum's cooking:

🍱 I have a great relationship with food

🍱 I always have a good appetite

🍱 I enjoy my food when I eat

🍱 I always eat regularly

🍱 I can eat anything and everything and my stomach almost never complains

🍱 I never waste food

So these are some healthy eating habits that I have learnt from mum

  • Don't buy junk food. We never had any junk food in the pantry growing up.

  • Junk food or sweets were only for special occasions. You would only see chips and treats in the house during Chinese New Year.

  • Store healthy snacks in the pantry. Back when I was growing up, when I got hungry, there would only be bread, dried biscuits, fruits and milk as options.

  • Avoid cold and sweet drinks. When we would go out for a meal (which was rarely), we never ordered any drinks other than tea or water. It was only until I was about 17years old that I started ordering cold drinks when we were out.

  • Meal Preps. Our breakfast, lunch and dinners were all home cooked and it was always HOT and NEVER RAW.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much I have been writing it.

This one is for mum.

Love, Jyn

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