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How to deal with your health in 2022? Post holidays blues?

As the celebration of Lunar New Year begins and the school holidays come to an end, 2022 is officially here. This is it! We are going back to school, work, life.

Your health seems to be great and emotionally feeling fantastic during the holidays.

Why is it now that the kids are back at school and life happens, you don't feel so fantastic anymore? Do you suffer from the post-holidays blues? Why?

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, I would say that it is because

  1. You are no longer in nature. Nature heals your body. Beach and hiking times are over. This brings us to number 2.

  2. You are not as active as you were in summer. You don't have time to exercise. Qi is now stagnant and not being moved.

  3. You don't have time to chill and relax. 'Chill time' is a time where you are able to relax your mind and body. A time that you don't need to think of work or the kids. Your "Spirit" or "Shen" is calm- no anxiety

  4. You don't get enough sleep. You didn't have to set the alarm when you were on holidays. You stayed in bed til you felt rested. You probably tried to catch up with all the sleep you had missed in 2021. In Chinese Medicine, sleep allows your Liver to recover at night. During the day, there will then be enough blood to circulate to your body and nourishes the muscles and sinews. When there's blood in the muscles and sinews, there's no pains and aches!

  5. You are just stressed from life. Perhaps you never consider this but maybe this work isn't really working for you or maybe you are just not happy with where you are living. This is enough to create anxiety for you. I always say to my patients, no one else can and will look after your body other than you, yourself!

So here's what I would recommend for you and your health in 2022.

Manage your time for your health.

  1. Allocate time for nature. Whether is during the day or at least once a week.

  2. Allocate time to exercise. Not only it has physical benefits, it also helps with your mental health.

  3. Allocate 'self-me' or 'me' time when possible.

  4. See an acupuncturist, herbalist, naturopath, or anyone who can help you with your insomnia. A good night sleep makes you feel so much better then next day.

  5. Eat healthy.

Good luck my dear readers. I wish you have a healthy and happy 2022.

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